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Announcing the next Vertical Fusion Showcase!

"V is for Vampire" is happening February 11

at Nissi's Event Center in Lafayette! 

The sign up to perform is officially open! 


The deadline to sign up is Dec 15 at 10:00 p.m. 


All active Vertical Fusion students (all locations) are eligible and welcome to perform a solo, duet, or join one of our group numbers. All levels are welcome and and you can book private lessons if you would like help creating your performance piece. 


Interested in learning more or ready to sign up? Check out the requirements, deadlines, and additional performer and sign-up info here! Use password: Time2shine


For those already acquainted with the performance process, please note that there are lots of changes that you need to be aware of so be sure to read ALL OF THE DOCUMENT! To highlight a few:

  • Performer fees have changed

  • Non-compliance fees have changed

  • Communications are moving to a new app called Slack; we will not be using Facebook

  • Aerial performances: Boulder students will have to meet attendance requirements through private lessons (Boulder) or attend at VF Fort Collins

  • Group numbers will be announced soon! Participants will have an agreement form specifically for group numbers; do not use the one provided in the document

  • New attendance compliance fee for group number participants is being imposed

Also, please note that the deadline to sign up is normally the same as when class attendance requirements start but we are giving everyone some additional time to get the agreement in and the fee paid. Please understand that submitting your agreement/fee after the 11th does not change your attendance requirements.


If you have questions, please email us at

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