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Intro: This Aerial Hoop/Lyra is the class for individuals who are brand new to aerial dance and want to learn how to fly! It will start with a brief orientation, followed by a warm up and a low impact conditioning segment to prepare you for the basic aerial hoop moves, spins, transitions and inversions to follow. This class is for everyone and anyone; previous dance experience is not required. Completion of Intro to Aerial Hoop/Lyra is required to move onto beginner aerial hammock/sling technique.

Beginner: In beginner level we will cover entrances such as vine climb and pull over; under-the-hoop moves such as elbow hang and candlestick; in-the-hoop moves such as hip hangs, inside/outside mermaid, gazelle, and sleeping sneaky-v; and beginner level rolls such as single-leg mill roll. For testing out of the beginner level, students must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Pull up Bottom Bar 15 seconds

  • Kitty Kat Roll - to man in the moon

  • Hanging X

  • Tuck Mount Top & Bottom

  • Double Elbow Hang

  • Stag Gazelle

  • Pull Over (no feet) - Front Balance  & Seated roll over to hip hang

  • 2 of 4 predefined sequences consisting of 4-5 moves

Novice: In novice level we will incorporate beats into our mounts and top-bar mounts; under-the-hoop moves such as single leg hangs and hands-free running man; top-of-the-hoop moves such as gazelle, clock split, and hula hoop; in-the-hoop moves such as single-hip hangs, pop to martini, and shoulder hang; rolls such as kitty kat and around-the-world; and we will introduce you to drops such as lion and clock split. For testing out of the novice level, students must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Half Hip Hang

  • Full Clocksplit

  • Amazon Variations

  • Single Elbow Hang 10 seconds

  • Single Leg Hang (foot spot okay)

  • Tofu (both hands)

  • Beats: To Sit & Knee Hang

  • Front Balance

  • Top Bar Variations: C-Curve, Pike, Split/Stag

  • Top Bar Seated, Hanging X, Shoulder Hang

  • 2 of 4 predefined sequences consisting of several moves

Intermediate: In intermediate level we will intermediate level beats to mounts; under-the-hoop moves such as peacock and hands-free candlestick; top bar moves such as titanic split, hip key, and alien split; top bar double moves such as ankle hang and front lean into lotus; in-the-hoop moves such as owl and Russia split; rolls such as reverse mill and double leg mill; drops such as ballerina and tofu; and pops with hand switches. For testing out of the intermediate level, students must demonstrate the following skills:

  • Top Bar Hip Key

  • Ballerina Drop

  • Single Leg Switches (No Spot)

  • Pull up into the Hoop

  • Skin the Cat Russian Split

  • Single arm hang 10 seconds

  • Maintain hoop spin through moves

  • 2-3 min freestyle consisting of intermediate moves and transitions

Advanced: In advanced level we will cover entrances such as birds nest pop; under-the-hoop moves such as planche and tic toc split; top bar moves such as pendant and horizontal clock split; top bar double moves such as Russian roulette; in-the-hoop moves such as monkey hang split and croc; pops such as armpit hang to straddle catch; and drops such as superman. Advanced is our highest level so students will continue mastering their advanced skills with a focus on quality of movement, innovating new moves and transitions, performance, and/or competition.


Note: Clients new to Vertical Fusion who have previous aerial hoop experience are not required to start with intro. However, we do request that you create a profile in our online registration system and then contact the studio to let us know that you have previous experience. We will give you our best recommendation for which classes to take and we will note your profile so your instructor(s) are aware that you were approved to skip intro. 

Boulder: (720) 318-1749 (call or text)

Fort Collins: (970) 377-9945 (call)

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