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We have locations in Boulder, Fort Collins, and Longmont. We offer pole dance, aerial hoop (lyra), aerial hammock (sling), and other non-aerial dance classes for all levels--beginner to advanced/competitive. No previous experience is required and all abilities, body types, genders, and ages will feel successful, welcome, and empowered! Vertical Fusion is more than just a fitness program! We incorporate self-expression, creative movement, and exploration in all of our classes. At Vertical Fusion, we have developed our own level-based curriculum for all apparatuses which creates a structured, effective, and safe learning environment. All of our instructors are required to complete the Vertical Fusion training program to ensure consistency and excellence across all levels and apparatuses. We pride ourselves on a program that will help you set goals and will give you measurable progress at each level. Our program was designed with commitment to safety and longevity as our greatest priority. In addition to a superior training program, you will thrive with the support of an uplifting and inclusive community inherent to Vertical Fusion. 



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Vertical Fusion was founded in 2012 by Melanie Piek after taking a pole dance class and falling head over heels in love with it. Melanie initially sought out pole dancing as an alternative fitness program and quickly discovered that it was way more than that. After experiencing personal transformation in all aspects, she was compelled to share it with others. 



There are so many things to love about pole--it's artistic, it's empowering, it's expressive, it's fun! The community that we've created is truly the most accepting and supportive I've ever known. One of the things I love most about my work and Vertical Fusion is hearing these words from my clients...


'Thank you...this has changed my life.'


~ Melanie Piek

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